What counts as griefing?
Generally, in terms of video games, to grief is to annoy and irritate someone. In Minecraft, it is usually is term used when someone breaks something that is not his/hers, or without the consent of the owner of the creation. Less than three blocks does not count as a noteworthy grief, unless those blocks are significant to the creation or are worth a lot. Destroying property, creating offensive or inappropriate structures, abusive mob spawning, lava/water griefing and killing others’ mobs are some forms of griefing. All mentioned techniques are logged with the grief logging plugin we have.

What counts as hacking?
Hacking is the usage of illegal modifications that have not been authorised. Currently, the only modifications that are allowed on the server are minimap mods, Optifine and chat macros. Mods may occasionally be permitted for individual users, but they have to receive permission from senior staff member.

What counts as being disrespectful?
“One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.” Hurting someone’s feelings, swearing at them, making fun of them or discriminating against them all counts as being disrespectful. Discrimination is any form of unjust treatment of groups of people. Racism, sexism and ageism are some common forms of this. Using names of groups of people to describe something bad is also discriminative.

What counts as spam?
Spam is when you repeat yourself over and over again, either to annoy or get your point across. In most cases spamming will get you kicked, but if it is obvious that a spam hack is being used you will get a ban. If you are spamming a server IP, you will get banned too (see below). Usually, if there is more than a 20 second gap between the same message, it is not regarded as spam, but it can come across as annoying, especially if you use the up arrow to say exactly what you said before. Repeatedly writing messages in coloured text or using /me to repeatedly write in coloured text will also be counted as spam.

What counts as advertising?
Saying server IP’s and/or server names in the chat and/or over private message is against the rules and will result in a reasonable punishment. First, a warning, then if continued, a ban will be executed.

What counts as swearing?
Very mild swearing is permitted, although it is encouraged you don’t. Acronyms are generally frowned upon. Words such as ‘damn’ and ‘hell’ are accepted, but try to not overuse them. If a staff member says a certain word is inappropriate to use, please listen to them or it will result in an appropriate punishment.