On Tiki-Craft, we have many fun, friendly and active staff members who are always ready to help! Staff members help with tasks like making regions for players, moderating the game chat, disciplining players as well as having some fun now and then! You can apply for staff here.

Below is a list of our staff members so you can identify their names in-game!

Owner: northmeister
Discord: northmeister#1549
Staff since 2012

Co-Owner: Hessified
Discord: Hess#3281
Staff since 2013

Admin: Joanne_314
Discord: Joanne_314#1375
Staff since 2018

Admin: BlaiddL3g3nd
Discord: BlaiddL3g3nd#4610
Staff since 2018

Admin: Kelster1244
Discord: Kelster#1642
Staff since 2016

Head Moderator: Wyrewynd
Discord: Wyrewynd#7936
Staff since 2016

Moderator: ajacks99
Discord: ajacks99#1259
Staff since 2017

Moderator: chosenN
Discord: Chosen#1234
Staff since 2018

Moderator: I_Need_Caffeine
Discord: I_Need_Caffeine#8387
Staff since 2016

Moderator: CerberusXIII
Discord: CerberusXIII#7645
Staff since 2018

Moderator: sauceolotcat
Discord: insolent cranberry sauce#6587
Staff since 2018

Moderator: TheUnusualPotato
Discord: TheUnusualPotato#5615
Staff since 2018

Moderator: WookieeMania
Discord: Ol1Allen#0297
Staff since 2018

Special mentions:

Alfonso53, for co-founding the server.
Gravipy, for helping early on with web development.
Pookieman99, for creating the server’s spawn islands.
TheoDoorHolder, for fantastic contribution in his time as a staff member.
And lastly Tony, for making everything possible.